Navajo Sky Handmade Soap

Navajo Sky Handmade Soap

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SCENT: Lavender & Orange, with subtle undertones of cedar, geranium, frankincense and marjoram

essential oils

Color: cream with blue swirls

Jump in the deep end of moisture with Blue Feather’s super rich Shea Butter soap! A rich blend of Babassu oil from the Amazon, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, create a truly unique premium soap unlike any other. Exotically scented with a blend of Bulgarian Lavender, Orange and Frankincense essential oils, this ultra-creamy soap soothes and cleans all skin types, from itchy dry skin to oily skin!

ingredients: distilled water, coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide,* palm oil, shea butter, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, castor oil, sodium lactate, babassu oil, essential oils of lavender, orange, cedar, geranium, frankincense and marjoram; blue ultramarine oxide, tussah silk. *Neutralized by saponification

Approx. 4.25 oz./ 120 grams