Chiflo Pinon Handmade Soap

Chiflo Pinon Handmade Soap

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essential oil blend

Color: green

Where the blue sky meets ancient basalt, the emerald green waters of the Rio Grande flow. Here, natural springs nourish an oasis of Red Willow, Mullein and Pinon trees. We hand collect naturally fallen Pinon sap from the slopes of Chiflo mountain. To this, we add a nurturing blend of Virgin Olive Oil, medicinal Karanja Oil & Babassu Oil to enhance the skin healing properties of this phenomenal soap.

Contains coconut oil, palm oil, distilled water, olive oil infused with piñon sap, sodium hydroxide,* karanja oil, castor oil, babassu oil, pine, fir & cedar essential oils; tussah silk. *Neutralized by saponification.

Approx 4.25 oz/ 120 grams