Hot Zone Deodorant Paste
Hot Zone Deodorant Paste
Hot Zone Deodorant Paste

Hot Zone Deodorant Paste

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Our Natural Probiotic Deodorant Paste combines the best of our probiotic anti-perspirant with our hot zone deodorant into one product! It’s better than ever at protecting against wetness and odors, and the ingredients are pretty easy to understand!

This baking soda - free vegan deodorant is best for those who find baking soda too harsh for their skin. It's part of our new line of bar products with minimal packaging. Buy it in a paper wrapper, or add a round tin for convenience and traveling. Even though it looks small, it lasts for months! 

Ingredients: magnesium hydroxide, organic virgin coconut oil,  kokum butter, organic arrowroot powder, sunflower seed wax, tamanu oil, diatomaceous earth, zinc ricinoleate, bentonite clay, zinc oxide, zinc gluconate. heat stable pro-biotic blend, tocopherol (vitamin E); lavender, palmarosa & geranium oils.  Vegan

  • Arrowroot, bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth absorb moisture
  • Probiotics, Tamanu Oil and our essential oils help fight the growth of bad bacteria, which make our sweat smell bad
  • Magnesium controls odor
  • Zinc soothes the skin and controls moisture and odor
  • Coconut Oil and Kokum Butter add emolliency
  • Sunflower seed wax holds it all together in a vegan formula

Net wt. 1.4 oz/ 40 grams